The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the former Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), was established in accordance with the Charter of Paris in 1990. The Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE accompanies the aim to develop mechanisms for conflict prevention and conflict prevention as well as to support the expansion and consolidation of democratic institutions in the OSCE participating States. Another goal is to enable an inter-parliamentary dialogue.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly brings together 323 parliamentarians from the 57 OSCE states, which connects Europe, Asia and North America. It provides a forum for political dialogue, holds a leading role in election observations and holds and strengthens international cooperation to implement joint commitments in the fields of security and politics, economy and the environment, democracy and human rights.

To achieve the objectives of the Parliamentary Assembly a variety of means are available. At each of its annual meetings a final declaration and various resolutions and recommendations are adopted. Furthermore the Assembly conducts various programs for the development and strengthening of democracy.