In the Parliamentary Committee of the EFTA countries (CMP) parliamentarians from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are represented. The committee deals with issues that affect the EFTA as a whole and relations with third countries of EFTA.

Therefore the delegates also participate in meetings with parliamentarians of other countries, particularly with delegates from EFTA contracting states, as well as with countries with which the EFTA is in contract negotiations or the EU in accession negotiations.

With the entry into force of the EEA, the Committee of Parliamentarians from the EEA/EFTA States (MPS) was formed in 1994 as well. This Committee deals in particular with issues of EEA and gives opinions on matters from the EEA. Parliamentarians from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are represented. The Swiss delegation holds an observer status in the meetings of the MPS.

The Joint EEA and EU Parliamentary Committee (JPC) consists of members of the national parliaments of the EEA/EFTA States as well as of a delegation from the European Parliament. Switzerland has observer status on this committee. The JPC is not directly involved in the EU decision-making process, but may contribute in the preliminary phase of the EU legislative process (decision shaping). Through dialogue and consultation, the committee contributes to a better understanding between the European Union and the EFTA countries.