Parliamentary Service

The Parliamentary Service

The Liechtenstein Landtag was created as long ago as 1818 as an official institution and as one of the three powers representing the State. However, it was only in 1990 that the Parliamentary Service came into existence. It is consequently only since this date that there has been a real Parliamentary service in Liechtenstein.

Today, the Parliamentary Service consists of the Landtag Secretary, his deputy, three full-time staff members and five part-time employee. The Landtag Secretary and his deputy are appointed by the Landtag. Josef Hilti has been Landtag Secretary since 2002 while his deputy, Philipp Pfeiffer, has been in office since 2008. The team is completed by Jessica F. Bucher, Sandra Gerber-Leuenberger, Hannes Matt and Gabriele Wachter, as well as by Gabriela Hilti, Pamela Bühler und Yvonne Heeb (protocol).

The tasks and the list of duties of the Parliamentary Service are described in the Rules of Procedure for the Landtag, LGBl. 2013 No. 9, Art. 16 and 17. In particular, these Rules set out the organization, preparation, follow-up and servicing of the sessions of the Landtag, the recording of Parliamentary debates, sessions of the commissions and delegations and the preparation of resolutions of the Landtag. The Parliamentary Service is also the official contact office of the Landtag for the requirements of the Government or administration, the public and other Parliaments and organizations. Since the establishment of the Parliamentary Service and especially because of the all-round increase in the degree of internationalization of Parliamentary activities and the complexity of the areas that have to be covered, there has been a massive rise in the volume of work carried out.

The Landtag brochures (in German and English) and brochures about the Landtag Building are available free of charge from the Parliamentary Service.