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Standing Commissions


Audit Commission: from left Frank Konrad, Ado Vogt, Thomas Rehak (Chairperson) Alexander Batliner and Georg Kaufmann

During the opening session, Parliament elects three standing commissions: Foreign Affairs Commisson, Finance Commission and Audit Commisson. Only the Finance Commission has the competence to make decisions, it being able to decide on certain financial business (primarily purchase of land). All standing commissions comprise five Members of Parliament.

Special Commissions


EEA Commission: from left Patrick Risch, Peter Frick, Elfried Hasler (Chairperson), Ado Vogt and Thomas Vogt

In accordance with its statute, Parliament is also authorized to appoint special commissions. These can comprise three or five Members of Parliament. Their period of engagement terminates with the conclusion of the matter being dealt with, at the latest upon termination of the mandate period. The task of the special commissions is to undertake preparatory work concerning bills or other affairs and to present proposals to the plenary sitting of Parliament. The EEA Commission examines impending EEA legislation regarding the necessity of approval by Parliament. Investigating commissions are organized to protect the rights of minorities: upon request of just seven members, Parliament is obliged to appoint an investigating commission.

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