Standing Commissions


During the opening session, Parliament elects three standing commissions: Foreign Affairs Commisson, Finance Commission and Audit Commisson. Only the Finance Commission has the competence to make decisions, it being able to decide on certain financial business (primarily purchase of land). The commissions may consist of three to six members. The number of members of the Audit Commission may be increased to seven.

Non-standing Commissions


Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, Parliament may also appoint non-standing commissions. These constitute themselves either as special commissions or as investigative commissions. They may consist of of three to six members. Their terms of office end with the completion of their task, although at the latest at the end of the parliamentary term. The special commissions are tasked with preparing individual laws or other business and with submitting corresponding motions to the full Parliament. The EEA/Schengen Commission reviews EEA statutory regulations to determine whether they require the consent of Parliament. Investigative Commissions are provided with powerful minority rights: At the request of only seven members, Parliament is obliged to appoint an Investigative Commission.