The Landtag Building

High House

The main entrance, where for important occasions and important visitors a blue carpet is rolled out (in contrast to the red carpet in front of the Government Building), leads into the foyer which is also described as a columned hall. The foyer is also used in particular for official receptions and exhibitions. Through the foyer, visitors to public sessions of the Landtag are taken up to the Plenary Chamber where the 25 representatives of the People, including the Government and supported by the Parliamentary Service, meet. A corresponding number of seats is provided in the Plenary Chamber for interested visitors.

The official participants in the sessions are taken to the Plenary Chamber via a separate and very attractive staircase in keeping with the dignity of the House which for security reasons cannot be accessed by the general public. It is here that the Members of the Landtag deliberate at the round table in the truest sense of the word, a seating arrangement which is unique in Europe up to now. The Plenary Chamber with a maximum height of up to some 19 meters is a very impressive sight. Both the lighting and also the acoustics in the High House must be described as exceptional.

The Chamber is equipped with a modern electronic speaker-display panel with an integrated adjustment system, a technical facility for the telecasting of the Plenary sessions on the national channel and a translation cabin. Since the Landtag and its delegations now hold an increasing number of meetings within the country by virtue of its international obligations, this infrastructure has become an absolute necessity.

Both the North Wall and the South Wall of the Plenary Chamber are decorated with a work of art entitled “Constant Progression“ by the German artist Sabine Laidig.

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